Security Testing

How vulnerable is your company to a security breach?

Every time there is a data breach, it has a severe impact on an organization’s brand, image and business.

Take charge of your application security

A comprehensive approach to include security testing will enhance your organizational capabilities to counter or eliminate a major breach.

Customer information security is a top priority for all companies. Although organizations ever strive to be secure,it is nearly impossible to keep up with the pace of evolving attacks by sophisticated hackers. Employing expert professionals is critical to keeping your application secure.

At SQAS, our experts uncover deeper threats that can cost you time, money and reputation.

When you engage our team, you will be equipped with robust tools and techniques to identify and mitigate security issues, protecting all the sensitive information your customers share with your organization.

Our offerings include:

  • Network Security
  • System Software Security
  • Server-Side Application Security
  • Client-Side Application Security

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Is Security Testing Important?

Yes. The more advanced and exposed the technology landscape becomes, the more security testing becomes an absolute necessity.  No one wants to deal with security threats like injection, cross-site scripting, security misconfiguration, cross-site request forgery, and insecure direct object references. Security testing will reduce and eliminate the risk of intrusions, as well as minimize cost and enhance the overall user experience.  Security testing serves as the best means of preventing any issues.

Without security testing, applications are more vulnerable to attacks that lead to loss of information, impacting both the reputation and the bottom line of your business. The process of security testing is the only solution that keeps the vulnerable areas of an application protected from these threats.

How Our Team Helps You Avoid those Threats?

Software QA Services develops strategies individualized to your application designed to both avert threats and enhance user experience.   As we focus on this, our team also works on minimizing the risks associated with these threats and capitalizing on the latest technologies to promote growth. The solution we offer is geared toward a more proactive approachaligned with your business objectives.

Our team takes care of your application’s security needs by preventing possible intrusions. We only apply the best and most ethical security testing practices while working on a project.  (For example, ?)

How We Work – We Focus on a Number of Key Areas

These areas are:

  • Network Security – Our team looks for vulnerabilities within a network’s infrastructure. These include resources, policies and rules.
  • System Software Security – We assess the weaknesses in a range of software on which the application depends. This software includes the operating system and database system.
  • Server-Side Application Security – These testsprobes the robustness of the server code together with its technologies. This is done to ward off possible intrusion.
  • Client-Side Application Security – Our team ensures that the client’s side application, which includes the browser, is not at risk of getting manipulated.

Our process also covers the fiveconcepts about security that include integrity, authentication, confidentiality, non-repudiation and availability.  (Why does the list above get bullet points while this one only is listed out as an after thought?  Should we detail this more as well?)

Why Choose Our Team?                                                                                          

Our team goes a step further in dealing with client’s needs and delivering the solutions they need. Perfection and endless improvement are what we strive for. These goals, along with our veteran It professionals, enable Software QA Services deliver superior quality services. What sort of work have these veterans done?  Why are they experts?

Allow our team now to perform our 50-minute risk analysis. We will make sure that your network, core, or app does not put your company at risk. If there are any security threats, you can have confidence that we will discover them for you!

We have proven record in designing & developing Automation Testing frameworks especially in the open source technologies such as Behave, Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, and Fitnesse.

Number of clients have partnered with us to assist with their mobile automation, mobile testing, security and performance testing efforts using technologies such as: QTP, QC, LoadRunner, JMeter, Neoload, GreenHat and Open Source Tools like Selenium RC & Webdriver with Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, PHP, JMeter, SoapUI, TestNG, ReportNG, JUnit, Cucumber & Capybara, Tosca, Perfecto and OWASP Security tools.