Manual Mobile Testing

Prevent application errors.  Enhance your customer experience, from the beginning on Mobile Devices with our proven Mobile Testing Process.

Online bookings.  Mapping.  Takeout.  Parking.  Attending class.  Trading.  Connections.  Financial transactions.

Have you used your mobile device for any of these purposes?  Do you have a mobile presence that enables your customers to do the same?  If your site is not mobile enabled, then your site will not function well for your potential customers.

Our company offers reliable manual mobile testing solutions for our clients who need efficient, quick service to maximize their mobile presence and minimize any business disruption. Our team of professional, highly qualified specialists includes certified engineers who can perform the following types of manual testing:

  • Mobile devices such as Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Note, etc.
  • Mobile OS like Windows, Android, iOS and others
  • Multiple configurations
  • Multiple screen sizes
  • Multiple frequencies
  • Mobile regression testing
  • Mobile security testing
  • Mobile functional testing
  • Mobile usability testing
  • Mobile load testing
  • Mobile performance testing

We have proven record in designing & developing Automation Testing frameworks especially in the open source technologies such as Behave, Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, and Fitnesse.

Number of clients have partnered with us to assist with their mobile automation, mobile testing, security and performance testing efforts using technologies such as: QTP, QC, LoadRunner, JMeter, Neoload, GreenHat and Open Source Tools like Selenium RC & Webdriver with Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, PHP, JMeter, SoapUI, TestNG, ReportNG, JUnit, Cucumber & Capybara, Tosca, Perfecto and OWASP Security tools.

With a robust mobile experience solution that has been thoroughly tested, you can achieve higher customer retention rates and satisfaction ratings. Our company works with compliance to guidelines and standards and we want to meet your needs in a timely manner.

Let us provide you with free consultation to make sure you select best mobile testing process and tool for your mobile testing needs.

Mobile Automation Testing

As more people use smartphones in their business lives, applications (apps) which began as novelties are beginning to be recognized as business tools.  However, they can only be considered as business solutions once their usability and performances are thoroughly tested.

Otherwise, there may be risks in using mobile applications. Why do these applications fail?

  • Lack of resources, specifically time investment
  • Failure in platform testing
  • Not conducting any (or enough) automation testing
  • Lack of adequate skills to distinguish the features between automation testing vs manual testing
  • Lack of on-going maintenance of the automation frameworks

In a few short years, smartphone apps have driven development competition to new heights.  At Software QA Service, we understand that you want to be part of that competition.  Remember that it is only through automobile testing that you can ensure the success of developing and launching an app.

The Role of Mobile Automation – What it is? and Why is it Important?

The primary role of mobile automation is to test a developed application’s performance, which ensures its usefulness and viability once released. Our testing process includes the evaluation of the overall application and functionalities across a range of platforms and devices. As a result, user experience is enhanced.

What makes this testing process important now? As we know, more people are using mobile handsets than computers and laptops.  The availability of mobile applications impacts a buyer’s decision to purchase such products. Mobile automation is a quick and cost-effective testing process that allows you to launch apps more successfully.  It is better to for us to test the app than to let the customers do it!

Our Mobile Application Process

Our proprietary testing process involves using your developed app on real devices to guarantee excellent functions.  We analyze the mobile’s bandwidth and hardware requirements and validate the best response times in a range of circumstances and levels. It is also part of our process to ensure that every application we test is thoroughly scanned.

How Software QA Services Helps You Avoid Mobile App Failure?

Our team of experienced professionals with combined knowledge of more than 15 plus years in mobile automation are highly knowledgeable on the latest mobile automation testing technologies.

We have successfully developed custom Mobile Automation frameworks for our clients. These frameworks are extensively used on Windows, iOS & Android devices. We can handle complex issues related to Android Studio, UberTester, Appium, Testdroid, etc.  Regardless of fast paced changes taking place in the mobile automation market, our team remains capable of delivering all qualities that are important in early testing through the application development process. These include selection of tools type, competition, security and privacy concerns, recurrent upload, fast updates and many more. Software QA Services can handle a range of mobile automation testing types, including regression, security, functional, usability, load and performance testing.  Our process makes use of the industry’s best practices to save you time and money.

Aside from our primary mobile automation testing service, we also give you access to our free 50-minute consultation. Contact us now and save your time and energies you spent on your mobile application development and for a better mobile automation testing process! Let’s Connect!