Manual Software Testing

Software Testing is about testing a feature with varying test data to get a result and then comparing the actual result with expected result.

Customer mistrust.  Revenue loss.  Missed deadlines and high severity due to critical bugs that went unnoticed until after “Go Live”.  These are just a few of the consequences that could arise from your application being tested by well-intentioned, but unfocused, budget strapped QA professionals. Will you need to roll back after your early adopter customers have uncovered bugs for you?

How can you protect yourself and your customers from these adverse scenarios?  By placing your trust in our state of the art testing systems.

Our Efficient Solution for your Manual Testing Needs

Manual testing is a comprehensive process implemented through manually finding defects without using automation or tools scripting.  Our experts read line by line through your script, meticulously rooting out the issues that automated tools may not find.  This testing can quickly detect major errors from your application, leaving you more time to do what you do best, solve your customers’ problems.

Manual Software Testing

Manual Testing

We advise that you regularly run a manual test to keep your system safe and free from bugs that may compromise your system. The different testing techniques done manually for “test life cycle” are the following:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • White box Testing
  • Black box Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing

Why Software Quality Assurance Services? 

With our combined expertise and knowledge backed with great innovation, we are deeply focused on our clients’ needs and problems. We assure you that our process will help you meet your application’s goals. We pursue your quality issues ruthlessly and will make sure you receive 100% more value than what you spend with us, PLUS we offer an iron-clad, unbeatable 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When we partner with you to perform your manual testing project, you are guaranteed prompt, reliable, and competitively priced service.

We have proven record in designing & developing Automation Testing frameworks especially in the open source technologies such as Behave, Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, and Fitnesse.

Number of clients have partnered with us to assist with their mobile automation, mobile testing, security and performance testing efforts using technologies such as: QTP, QC, LoadRunner, JMeter, Neoload, GreenHat and Open Source Tools like Selenium RC & Webdriver with Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, PHP, JMeter, SoapUI, TestNG, ReportNG, JUnit, Cucumber & Capybara, Tosca, Perfecto and OWASP Security tools.

Unlike our competitors’ services,we offer our proprietary testing platform that is configurable to your project’s exact needs.  We will also work within your budget and priority set, placing your needs first.

Contact us today for a brief risk analysis to ensure that your system is not putting your company and your clients at risk.