Software QA Services LLC (SQAS) is an independent software testing company and an emerging leader in software testing and test automation. Each of our professional test teams has more than 30 years of combined team experience in software testing.

Our quality assurance team provides the following services:

Software Testing:
  • Agile, enterprise applications, manual, mobile, security, healthcare, and automation Testing.
  • Test and behavior driven development
  • Load, Performance Testing and Performance improvement
  • Each testing tool we use follows highly specific processes, which in turn yields post-test solutions to implement in your software and automation frameworks.
 Enhanced Applications  Performance  Customer Experience
 Speed  In-depth needs assessment
 Reliability  Customized project management  services
 Functional improvements  Time sensitive delivery of services
 Security  Achieve your business goals

Why use Software QA Services?

    • We understand that you only have one chance to deliver a quality program to your customers.
    • Our team is diverse and well balanced, offering our customers business savvy, professional wisdom and “tech genius”.
    • Our commitment to customer service allows us to offer simple, yet elegant, efficient quality software testing services.
    • We have provided outstanding results for customers in Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, Finance, News Media, Insurance and other industries.

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  • HealthCare Testing

    HealthCare Testing

    HealthCare Testing

    • Healthcare workflows across the enterprise (e.g., IHE, HITSP)
    • Testing conformance to interoperability standards (e.g., DICOM, HL7, CCD/CDA)
    • Medical imaging (e.g., MESA, DVTK, Mirth)


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  • Security Testing

    Security Testing

    Security = Breaking stuff + Building stuff

    Security Testing tests the ability of the system/software to prevent unauthorized access to the resources and data.

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  • Performance Testing

    Performance Testing

    Performance testing, a non-functional testing technique performed to determine the system parameters in terms of responsiveness and stability under various workload. Performance testing measures the quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage.

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  • Mobile Testing

    Mobile Testing

    Mobile Applications Testing 

    • Program Management
    • Product Engineering
    • Infrastructure Management
    • Information Management

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  • Automation Testing

    Automation Testing

    Automation Testing

    • Technology Optimization
    • Center of Excellence in testing
    • Application Security Management
    • Cloud infrastructure Management

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  • Manual Testing

    Manual Testing

    Manual Software Testing

    • HealthCare Software Testing
    • Security testing
    • Functional Testing

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